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Not all fields are cleared, when Parent Lookup field is cleared in CA PPM


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There are two Lookups dependent on one Attribute in Idea Object. 

It is expected that, when the one Attribute is blanked out, that the other two related fields will get blanked out. 

However, only the one field which is just below it is getting blanked out.

But after Saving the page, everything works as expected and all values blank out together if one is deleted.


1) The Object "Idea" has two Attributes against Partition "My_Site." 

1a) Attribute Named "Proposed Cost Centre" with a Lookup Parameter Mapping of "spons_div" to "My_Site_workstream." 
1b) Attribute Named "Business Unit" with a Lookup Parameter Mapping of "proj_div" to "My_Site_workstream." 

2) There is a page "Create Idea" which has multiple sections. 

2a) Under section Profile is: 
* Sponsoring Division 
* Sponsoring Business Unit 

2b) Under section Financial is: 
* Proposed Cost Centre 

3) Enter these details. 

3a) Profile: 
* Sponsoring Division = My_Sponsors_Division 
* Sponsoring Business Unit = Choose My_Site_BU 

3b) Financial: 
* Proposed Cost Centre = 12345E 

4) Remove (3a) the contents of Profile, Sponsoring Division (By use of the "X") 

* This ALSO REMOVES the Profile, Sponsoring Business Unit field contents. 
* It LEAVES the Financial, Proposed Cost Centre in place. 

* ALL three fields (Sponsoring Division, Sponsoring Business Unit and Proposed Cost Centre) should be cleared, including Proposed Cost Centre. 

5) Repeat (3). 
5a) Profile: 
* Re-add Sponsoring Division = My_Sponsors_Division 
* Re-add Sponsoring Business Unit = Choose My_Site_BU 

5b) Financial: 
* No change needed to Proposed Cost Centre = 12345E, as it is still set to this value. 

6) Save and receive error: 
* "<!> Error All required fields need to be filled out." 
* The Profile, Financial, Schedule and Business Capability Milestones all contain red asterisk fields that are empty at this point. 

7) Repeat (4). Remove the Profile, Sponsoring Division 

* All three fields (Sponsoring Division, Sponsoring Business Unit and Proposed Cost Centre) ARE cleared. 
* This matches to the Expected Results at this point.


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4.1-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment



This issue had been reviewed by CA Engineering. 
This Defect has been closed without a fix, due to its complexity, and it will remain as a limitation in the product. 
Please use the workaround below.

Defect: CLRT-77397 
Clear Button on Parent lookup does not clear values in Multiple Parameterised Child Lookups.
This is seen in situations when there is one parent Lookup and multiple child Lookups.

Steps to Reproduce :

1. Create parameterised lookups in Clarity. 
2. Create a parent attribute lookup named - parent 1 
3. Create a child dependent attribute lookup named - child 1 
4. Create another child dependent attribute lookup named - child 2 . 
5. Child1 and Child2 are exactly same lookups. 
6. Place all the three lookups on the create and edit layout. 
7. Go to Create a new project. 
8. On the create layout , enter value for parent lookup and the corresponding two child lookups. 
9. Clear the value in the parent lookup
Expected Result :
The values in the child lookups should also get cleared
Actual Result :
The immediate child lookup value gets cleared and the second one remains intact

This has been documented as CLRT-77397.

Please manually clear any uncleared fields.