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Client Automation - How to retrieve the installation PATH of all Java installations of all machines ?


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To calculate license needs a report of all installation path of java on all computers is needed.
How to do this quicky ?

A solution is to create a ITCM Report which returns installation path of all detected software and then apply a filter to display only Java software.
But this report could be huge and take long time to be generated.


Release: UASMGT60000-1402-Asset Management


A solution is to use a SQL Query which could be executed in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio :
use mdb

SELECT h.label,, s.sw_version_label, d.install_path
FROM ca_discovered_hardware h
LEFT JOIN ca_discovered_software d ON d.asset_source_uuid=h.dis_hw_uuid
LEFT JOIN ca_software_def s ON d.sw_def_uuid=s.sw_def_uuid
WHERE ( like '%java%' or like '%j2se%' or like '%jdk%') and s.software_type_id=3

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