Can the knowledge categories be changed in Service Desk?
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Can the knowledge categories be changed in Service Desk?


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There could be a requirement to change the category that is associated with a knowledge document in Service Desk Manager. How can I do this?


Service Desk Manager 12.x, 14.1 and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems


1. Go into edit mode of the knowledge document you wish to change the category of.

2. Go to the "Document Details" tab and then "Related Knowledge".

3. Find the "Categories" section, and right-click on the new Category you want to assign to the document and select "Link this Category"

4. In the "Category Links" section below first right click on the newly added Category and click "Set as Primary Category"

Click "Yes" on the confirmation prompt.

Notice that the primary category will now be changed:

5. As an optional step, you can remove the old Category. Go back to the Category Links section, and click "Remove this Category"

NOTE: You may need to refresh the document between some of these steps to refresh the data. Right-clicking on the page, and clicking "Refresh" should clear up any caching issues.



Additional Information

More information on Knowledge Categories is located here: