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Unable to assign multiple instances of the same type of role to tasks in Modern PPM


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If you assign a role multiple times to the same project (ie. DBA(1), DBA(2), etc), you are only able to assign the role once to a task in Modern PPM. 

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Add multiple instances of one type of Role to the Project (ie. DBA(1), DBA(2), etc)
  2. In Modern PPM, go to a Task fly-out for the project, and in the pull-down for assigning a Staff Member look for the DBA Role
Expected Results: You see multiple instances of the role for each instance added to the team (ie. DBA(1), DBA(2), etc). 
Actual Results: You only see one instance of the DBA Role. If you try to ‘assign’ this DBA role to the task multiple times you will get a message that the role is already assigned.


The lookup does not present the user with the correct list of staffed Role Requests; it is only showing the type of role. (The lookup is not retrieving the multiple, unique PRTEAM records. It is retrieving the Role resource record from SRM_RESOURCES)


Modern PPM (New User Experience (UX))


This issue has been fixed in 15.5.1 as part of an enhancement


  • Use Classic PPM for task assignments of multiple Roles that are staffed on the project
  • Use the Staff Replacement functionality to replace the existing roles with resources or teams with the Administration, Project Management Setting enabled for ‘Reassign Tasks when replacing Role’