Access Spectrum WebClient throgh reverse proxy
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Access Spectrum WebClient throgh reverse proxy


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CA Spectrum


We have a requirement to allow web access from a customer network to our OneClick server via WebClient. Due to security policies we need to implement an application layer gateway between the customer network and our OneClick server, which will work as a reverse proxy for certain web applications - one of them being OneClick. The use of java is also restricted so we cannot use the java client.

Accessing the WebClient through a reverse proxy causes infinite display of the "Initializing..." message, which blocks all UI access indefinitely.

Why can we not use the OneClick webClient via reverse proxy?


Spectrum 10.2.3 and below.


This is caused by underscores in the header not being accepted and can be worked around via Apache or ngix


Please reference the following links for solutions. 

How to make the Apache 2.4 to accept Web Agent Header Variables with Underscore Characters