Error: 500 on OPTIONS request to a .fcc page in Web Agent
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Error: 500 on OPTIONS request to a .fcc page in Web Agent


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When running a Web Agent, and when a user tries to reach the page:

  or[...omitted for brevity...]


with OPTIONS as browser action, the browser receives the return HTTP code 500.




Web Agent all Versions




Web Agent traces show the method OPTIONS isn't supported.


  1. [08/23/2018][16:40:52][2728][2568][CSmHttpPlugin.cpp:698][CSmHttpPlugin::ProcessResource][<Transaction ID>][*][][Agent][/cred/mycustom.fcc][][Autoauthorizing URL : '[...omitted for brevity...]' , Method: 'OPTIONS' ]
  2. [08/23/2018][16:40:52][2728][2568][CSmHttpPlugin.cpp:8792][CSmHttpPlugin::ProcessAdvancedAuthResource][<Transaction ID>][][][][][][HTTP method options not supported in Advanced Auth]

Web Agent only accepts GET or POST actions on .fcc file.

The Web Agent only receives the request. The method OPTIONS is sent by the browser, and usually, it's the application that instructs the browser to send the request with the OPTIONS method.





Ensure the request is sent as a GET or POST to the Web Agent .fcc file to solve this issue.