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Patch Manager: July/2018 Monthly Security Updates have some defects


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Microsoft reported some defects of July Security Update like following.
July 10, 2018—KB4338818 (Monthly Rollup)
  • There is an issue with Windows and third-party software related to a missing file (oem<number>.inf). Because of this issue, after you apply this update, the network interface controller will stop working.
  • After installing this update, some devices running network monitoring workloads may receive the 0xD1 Stop error because of a race condition.
  • Restarting the SQL Service may fail occasionally with the error, “Tcp port is already in use”.
  • When an administrator tries to stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC), the W3SVC remains in a "stopping" state, but cannot fully stop or be restarted.
Microsoft provided the fixes, but Patch Manager didn't have these patch contents because of individual patches.


Patch Manager all release


CA decided to provide these individual patches because of security reason and delivered.
Patch Content of Jul/2018 Monthly UpdatePatch Content to fix
2018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - windows6.1-kb4338818-x642018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - Windows6.1-KB4338821-x64
2018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - windows6.1-KB4338818-x862018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - windows6.1-KB4338821-x86
2018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - windows8.1-KB4338815-x642018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - Windows8.1-KB4338831-x64
2018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - windows8.1-kb4338815-x862018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - Windows8.1-KB4338831-x86
2018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - windows8-rt-kb4338830-x642018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup - Windows8-RT-KB4338816-x64
2018-07 Security Only Update - windows6.1-kb4338823-x64Windows6.1-KB4345459-x64
2018-07 Security Only Update - windows6.1-kb4338823-x86Windows6.1-KB4345459-x86
2018-07 Security Only Update - windows8.1-kb4338824-x64Windows8.1-KB4345424-x64
2018-07 Security Only Update - windows8.1-kb4338824-x86Windows8.1-KB4345424-x86
2018-07 Security Only Update - windows8-rt-kb4338820-x64Windows8-RT-KB4345425-x64

On the other hand, Aug Monthly Updates were already uploaded as patch contents. If you can apply latest rollup, it is better to use them instead of individual patches.