Ms project integration issue
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Ms project integration issue


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Getting this error message when trying to save a project open in MSP back to PPM:

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The task number indicated in the error message does not exist, and the task name identified in the error message has no predecessor or successor tasks.


MSP 2013, SP 1 (x86) 
New XML Driver
MSP Update: July 2018 (MSP 2013) Update (KB4022171) 


We noticed that the PM had an alternately named version of the project plan in MyDocuments, but not the normal naming convention one would expect, e.g. "PRJ400655.mpp." This led me to believe the root cause of the issue may be down to (a)synchronization between the PPM server and the PM's local machine. As a result, the end user performed the following steps (under my direction) to mitigate:

1 Launched MSP 2013 by itself
2 From MSP 2013 > CA PPM Integration (tab) > Open a Opened “PRJ400655” from Clarity server using only MSP 2013
3 Plan opened
4 Saved plan back to Clarity server via CA PPM Integration (tab)
5 Copied off, then deleted local copies of: a .mpp file in MyDocuments b Deleted Registry Entry for PRJ400655 in Regedit (pathway = Local User > Software > Niku > Schedulers > MPPLookup)
6 Launched project from Clarity and saved back through CA PPM Integration (tab) in MSP 7 Closed plan/reopened through Clarity After several round trips between Clarity and MSP, the plan appears to have stabilized, with normal open/close functionality restored. 


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