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Team Resource still shows in the Task Owner field when the team is Deleted in PPM


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When a Defined Team is deleted, it should be removed from the Task Owner field so it does not leave orphaned data.


User requires 'Resource - View' access to the defined team to select the team on the Task Owner field
User requires the administration 'Team - Delete' access to delete a defined team

  1. Log in to Modern PPM (New User Experience) as an administrator user
  2. Go to Administration, Teams
  3. Create a new Defined Team (Team1)
  4. Go to any Project task
  5. Open the task card or task fly-out details panel and select the defined Team as the Task Owner (Team1)
  6. Go to Administration, Teams
  7. Click the 'X' in the row to delete the team (Team1)
  8. CONFIRM the delete action for the team and it is deleted
  9. Check the PRTASK.TASK_OWNER field for any references that remain in that field; it should have been removed
Expected Results: The deletion is successful and the reference to the team is removed from the Task Owner field in the database (PRTASK.TASK_OWNER)
Actual Results: The Team still shows in the Task Owner field in the database


This issue applies to CA PPM 15.5.


This issue is caused by DE43338


This issue is fixed in PPM 15.5.1.

Additional Information

Reference KB000093171 - What are the known New User Experience (UX) defects?
Reference KB000093166 - Where can I find New User Experience (UX) knowledge documents?