ikernel.exe error while installing infrastructure manager
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ikernel.exe error while installing infrastructure manager


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When running the 'NimBUS Manager.exe' to install the Infrastructure Management thick client the following error occurred

NMS Infrastructure 

The Installshield Engine (iKernel.exe) could not be launched. 

Class not registered


- Windows 10


The ikernel.exe executable is part of the InstallShield Engine installer. It is possible to have many causes for this error. A few possible causes include:

  • Ensure the user running the installation (NimBUS Manager.exe) has local administrator rights
  • Try temporarily disabling AntiVirus / Windows Defender and rerun the install. AntiVirus has been sometimes known to interfere.
  • Verify that the 'Windows Installer' Service is has not been disabled on the system