Login Page got error after upgrade to 8.5.1 (cannot change password)
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Login Page got error after upgrade to 8.5.1 (cannot change password)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Error after upgrade to UIM 8.5.1.

This is usually caused by an old version of the portlet in your browser cache. Please clear your browser cache and refresh the page. Details: Cannot invoke method 'getDistinctCsAttrs'. Method 'getDistinctCsAttrs' not found.


- UIM v8.5.1
- Internet Explorer (IE) 11.0.9600.19100I
- Windows 7 desktop


Deprecated change password portlet data cached.


On the primary hub (UIM server):

1) rt-click and Deactivate the ems probe
2) rt-click to Deactivate the trellis probe
3) rt-click to delete the ems probe and then navigate to the probes\ems directory and delete the entire ems folder from the filesystem
4) Deploy ems 9.01 probe from your local archive
5) Activate the trellis probe
6) Activate the ems probe
7) Clear the browser cache and close all browsers on the system/machine where the user is accessing UMP.

Note that you might have leftover temp internet files which also need to be cleared/deleted manually. Browser cache clear of 'everything' may not initially clear them.