URL monitoring intermittently generating HTTP 400 or HTTP 401 alarms
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URL monitoring intermittently generating HTTP 400 or HTTP 401 alarms


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The url_response probe is intermittently generating HTTP 400 or HTTP 401 alarms.


UIM 8.51
url_response 4.43


Since these alarms are generated intermittently, the problem is most likely a network issue or an issue with the URL that the probe is configured to monitor with the url_response probe. It is not a probe issue. If the alarms were raised every time a specific profile was executed, and the URL is accessible from a web browser running on the robot where the probe was deployed, this would be pursued as a probe issue.  Since the alarms are intermittent, it is necessary to determine what is occasionally causing the HTTP 400 and/or HTTP 401 responses received by the url_response probe from the problematic URL(s).


The following URL provides some guidelines on how to attempt to identify and resolve this intermittent issue:


It may be necessary to install wireshark on the url_response probe robot and the system hosting the problematic URL to find any network issues that are causing the intermittent problem. It also may be necessary to engage the network team and/or the application team responsible for the URL(s) generating these intermittent alarms from the url_response probe to determine and correct the root cause.