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What causes event 0x0001030e in Spectrum?


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CA Spectrum


What triggers this "EventMessage:  Network model contains no models that have been contacted and at least one alarmed model. (event [0x0001030e])"? 


Release: Any
Component: SPCAEM


The 0x10302 event is the initial contact lost event asserted on a model when contact is lost to it. Then Fault Isolation determines the root cause and asserts other more meaningful events.

The 0x1030e event is asserted on the container model when contact is lost to all models within the container and at least one model is in an alarm status.

"CONTACT LOST TO NETWORK MODELS" applies to Network Containers
Event Code: 0x0001030e
Cause Code: 0x00010012

The 0x1030f event is asserted on container models that do not contain device models.

The 0x10310 event is asserted to clear the alarms on the container models when contact is regained to the models within the container.