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Cancel or resubmit in progress tasks in IDM


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You had a DB issue (running out of space, for example), and due to that are seeing  tasks stuck in Progress.  How can the tasks be cancelled or resubmitted?


Release: 14.x
Component: IDMGR


To cancel an in-progress task:

1. Go to View Submitted tasks...
2. Select and Click the in-progress task.
3. Click the box "Cancel this Task".
4. It will return with "Cancel Task...? Yes / No.
5. Click Yes.

If you do not see the Cancel / Resubmit options within a specific task, this may need to be configured.

Directions to configure the View Submitted Tasks can be found here:

Note that not all in-progress tasks will successfully cancel--it depends on why/how they became stuck in-progress. In the above case, due to the DB issues, the tasks may have been corrupted.

RESUBMIT In Progress Tasks:
>  Manual option:

Under System > Task Runtime Management > Resubmit Tasks 

You are able to schedule resubmission from this manual process as well. 


 > Automatic Resubmission on Server Restart:
Configuration > Configure Task Resubmission Policy:

The success of resubmission will depend on the health of the in-progress task--not all in-progress tasks will resubmit successfully, and no tasks in the 'audit' state will be resubmitted. 

If the tasks do not cancel (or complete upon re-submission) they will remain in-progress and will display as such in View Submitted Tasks.  
See KB 137836 The task "Cancel In Progress Task Only" does not remove in progress task from view submitted task. for details on cleaning up in-progress tasks that cannot be cancelled/resubmitted.