Cancel or resubmit in progress tasks in IDM


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You had a DB issue (running out of space, for example), and due to that are seeing  tasks stuck in Progress.  How can the tasks be cancelled or resubmitted?


Release: 14.x
Component: IDMGR


To cancel an in-progress task:

1. Go to View Submitted tasks...
2. Select and Click the in-progress task.
3. Click the box "Cancel this Task".
4. It will return with "Cancel Task...? Yes / No.
5. Click Yes.

If you do not see the Cancel / Resubmit options within a specific task, this may need to be configured.

Directions to configure the View Submitted Tasks can be found here:

Note that not all in-progress tasks will successfully cancel--it depends on why/how they became stuck in-progress. In the above case, due to the DB issues, the tasks may have been corrupted.

Also, there is an option to resubmit in-progress tasks in Task Runtime Management > Resubmit Tasks.
The success of resubmission will also depend on the health of the in-progress task--not all in-progress tasks will resubmit successfully.

If the tasks do not cancel (or complete upon re-submission) they will remain in-progress and will display as such in View Submitted Tasks.