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CA Spectrum


CA Spectrum device modeling is not doing a fully automated Device reconfiguration. Background here is to see the "Different Type Model" alarm indicating a device (model change) conflicting to a current device modeling. This is FAD

To resolve this issue, CA Spectrum provide the ./Install-Tools/Postinstall -> script. 
The Product Manuals covering this at (you may replace to ./10-3-0/en..  or to ./10-3-1/en.. for most current documentation releases)


Why is the "" script failing to resolve the "Different Type Model" (PCause 0x10203) (EventType 0x10006 / The model created is not the same type as device)?
We see the script runs fine for many device reconfigurations. 

The major background is, that for the scripting/processing logic the type conversion is defined in pairs for "current model type" converted to "new model type"
So in case the current device model-type is not matching to the script declared paring (current_model-type : new_model-type) then script logic cannot convert this device model. Not any model-type pairing is declared by default.

- initially the network device was modeled as "HubCat29xx" model-type - and this device hardware is now replaced by a current Cisco-Switch (C3850 class)
- the Spectrum logic can proper discover and create a device model for the C3850 - using the SwCiscoIOS model-type
- the script does not cover a HubCat29xx to SwCiscoIOS conversion rule for i.e.

Checking the script for this (sample here is conversion pairing HubCat29xx to SwCiscoIOS):

 grep "Destination mtype is SwCiscoIOS" 
     # Source mtype is Rtr_Cisco / Destination mtype is SwCiscoIOS
     # Source mtype is SwCat6xxx / Destination mtype is SwCiscoIOS
     # Source mtype is SwCat35xx / Destination mtype is SwCiscoIOS
     # Source mtype is SwCat4xxx / Destination mtype is SwCiscoIOS
     # Source mtype is GnSNMPDev / Destination mtype is SwCiscoIOS
     # Source mtype is GnSNMPDev / Destination mtype is SwCiscoIOS

grep HubCat29xx | cut -c1-80 
   # Source mtype is Rtr_Cisco / Destination mtype is HubCat29xx 
   ["HubCat29xx", "0x11c000f", 0,0, "$sysObjectID", "1.3.6. .......
   # Source mtype is GnSNMPDev / Destination mtype is HubCat29xx 
   ["HubCat29xx", "0x11c000f", 0,0, "$sysObjectID", "1.3.6. .......

This shows the checked script does not support the conversion "HubCat29xx" to "SwCiscoIOS". 



This applies to all supported CA Spectrum platforms and CA Spectrum releases.


CA Spectrum script supports a "single" conversion pairing mode per command-line option "-m". 


Running the script in single-device mode is the solution to address non_defined device model-type pairing for the script. 

The script could be used to do a manual conversion in case:
- the current CA Spectrum install will support the device model-type assignment per auto-discovery logic out of the box
  (so please do a single device discovery by "IP" and verify the default model-type assignment.)
- the Device SysObjID is supported and listed in the "Device Certification" Utility 

Now make use of CA Spectrum install owner - while having the SpectroSERVER running - to run the script with "-m"
./Install-Tools/Postinstall/ -m
In the upcoming dialog update the "device model-type" pairing and SysObjID as appropriate. Below find additional information for the above sample device problem (obsolete Model-Type HubCat29xx - new targeted Model-Type SwCiscoIOS for device models with SysObjID

You may have to rerun the script with option "-m" then for further model-type conversions.
Each run will do so for one single criteria set:  current_model-type : targeted_new_model-type : SysObjID 

Additional Information

Sample data/output for running ./ -m  

[[email protected] PostInstall]$ ./ -m is running using custom conversion criteria. To use out-of-the-box conversion 
criteria, run without the `-m' option.

Enter name or IP of VNM Host: grlabspec02

Enter SpectroServer Landscape Handle (Must be in hex): 0x9600000

Enter System Object ID:             
Enter the current model type name:        HubCat29xx
Enter the destination model type name:   SwCiscoIOS
connect: successful grlabspec02
current landscape is 0x9600000

Collecting data...
Processing data...

  /  Please Wait...


    The script may have discovered one or more models of type
    0x11c000f which can be converted to the following new model type:

         Model Type:  SwCiscoIOS

    Only eligible models matching the conversion criteria
    will be converted to the new model type.

    The following models have been discovered and will be
    converted upon request:

        MHandle:        0x96000d0
        MType:          0x11c000f
* Single Landscape Mode
* Landscape : 0x9600000 (grlabspec02 @ grlabspec02)
* Source Model Type : 0x11c000f (HubCat29xx)
* Destination Model Type : 0x2100b2 (SwCiscoIOS)
* Validating Transfer Attributes
* Validating Filter Attributes

Landscape 0x9600000 has 1 model(s)
 + Changing discovery attributes
 + OK to convert model 0x96000d0 -
 + Converting shared SCM configurations
 + Creating New Models
 + Converted 0x96000d0 -> 0x96002cd
 + Converting nonshared SCM configurations
 + Restoring container associations
 + Restoring device associations
 + Restoring connections for 0x96002cd

* Conversion Complete !