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The variables &@restart_count# and &@sap_bw_max_restart_count# are not set on first occurence in CA Automic Workload Automation


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The variables &@sap_bw_max_restart_count# and &@restart_count# are not set at the first termination while using the script element BW_SET_CONSTRAINT with Action=Restart within the CA Automic Workload Automation (Automation Engine).
After the first restart was done the variables are set correctly.

The expectation is that the variables are also set as soon as a restart is requested.






The variables &$restart_count# and &$max_restart_count where designed for the following use case: 
Automated alarm, if last automated Restart of a Process Chain ends abnormal. 

&$restart_count# > 0 indicates that there was a restart 
&$max_restart_count# = &$restart_count# indicates that it is the last restart. 

This works correct according to the use case described above.

The expectation that the variables are also set as soon as a restart is requested is an additional use-case for which an Enhancement Request is required via