[DUAS] Error in universe.log when first time deploy a MU to one node
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[DUAS] Error in universe.log when first time deploy a MU to one node


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


When deploy a MU (which has never been deployed to the destination node and not exist in the destination node), below error shown in the universe.log:

 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=13172.18580| xn_get_id | O_TYPE_MU ID not found for <THT>
 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=13172.18580| o_io_cache_data_provider_ | Error getting ID for <THT>: 600
 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=13172.18580| u_trt_req_objget | Error 600 retrieving Mu id

If the MU has been deployed once before, or if it exists in the destination node, the errors won't appear.

Dollar Universe first checks if the node has the name / id in cache first, and if it is not there it will look into the associated u_fx**60 file (in this case u_fxmu60.dta).

If not found in the u_fxmu60.dta file, errors will be generated in universe.log.

This behavior has only been seen with Management Units.


Release: 6.x
Component: Dollar Universe


This issue has been fixed on Dollar Universe version 6.9.41 and superior.

Additional Information

Please note that the following kind of errors are normal and will appear in case a command uses as argument an object name that does not exist in the node's objects:

|ERROR|X|IO |pid=p.t| xn_get_id | O_TYPE_SESSION ID not found for <OBJECT_NAME>
|ERROR|X|IO |pid=p.t| xn_get_id | O_TYPE_UPROC ID not found for <OBJECT_NAME>

Usually, this is something to be looked at in the scripts being launched in the uprocs or sessions running around the time that the messages appear.