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[AWA] The search function (advance search and quick search) shows not all objects after a big transport case loaded


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In Automation Engine setups with 12.1.2 and AWI 12.1.2, the search (advance search and quick search) doesn't show all objects after a big transport case loaded, sometimes it also shows the wrong modification timestamp.



AWA 12.1.2+build.1737 


The problem is caused by a long running transaction that creates/modifies AE objects (transport case for example).
If an index update happens before the commit of the transport case all objects with an older modification date are not indexed.


The issue has been confirmed as a bug and will be fixed in:


- Automation Engine 12.1.3 Available

- Automation Engine 12.2.1 Available

- Automation Engine 12.3.0 Available



Rebuild Search Index, to do so please apply the following procedure that will impact AWI users during that period of time :


1. Stop all JWPs

2. Remove or Rename the folder "indexCache" inside the BIN directory of the Automation Engine

3. Start the JWP(s) 


Only AWI will be impacted during that time, indexes will be recreated upon JWP startup.