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What is the impact of using CEMT on a file - FCT that is defined to CA DADS plus CICS?


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On occasion we have a clash between CICS regions attempting to open a shared file at the same time, due to scheduling of the CICS START. When this occurs, the users are inhibited from logging in (dataset controls this function) until the file is successfully opened. For convenience I have been using a console modify "/f cicsregn,CEMT Set File(xxxx) Ope Ena". This satisfied the conditions, permitting users/developers to log in and conduct their task.
 Are there negative consequences to this, relative to  CA DADS Plus CICS and statuses?




Once a file is under CA DAD Plus CICS control you should not use use CEMT to open or close the file. You can use the DADA online transaction or a batch interface job  to allocate and deallocate file.  CA DADS Plus CICS keeps track of the status of files under its control in the DADS01 control file. If you use CEMT to open a file it’s not recorded in the DADS01 control file and the state of files can get out of Sync. This can  and cause problems on recycles of CICS. The best solution here would be for the client to setup a DADS Batch Interface job to allocate this file to CICS when this sporadic problem surfaces.