'Work Tape' When Multi-Volume
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'Work Tape' When Multi-Volume


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CA 1 Tape Management CA 1 Tape Management - Copycat Utility CA 1 Tape Management - Add-On Options


We have a user reporting the following issue: When a multi-volume tape is created, the 2nd volume (and only the 2nd volume) is created as a WORK TAPE, which means the tape never changes from SCRATCH to active. This doesn’t happen on the first tape – it does change from scratch to active. This began happening after CA-1 was upgraded from maintenance CAR1606 to CAR1712. The operating system was also upgraded at the same time from z/OS 2.1 to z/OS 2.2.


The first volume is created in STEP1 and then mod'ed onto in a following step which fills the tape and causes the 2nd volume to be created.


Set the option in TMOOPTxx of WRKFLS to NO so CA 1 will provide a one day retention to the second tape that the job uses. Because the first tape of the set has CATALOG for the EXPDT the 2 tape set will be kept correctly via CATALOG control. This is possibly caused by the CA 1 intercept moving to TEP and getting the JFCB at a different point and seeing an EXPDT/RETPD of zero.