How to add a dashboard in CA Service Catalog
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How to add a dashboard in CA Service Catalog


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This is a procedure on handling a dashboard in the CA Service Catalog(SC) UI.

The 'Contact Us' I refer to below, is to be seen as an example.

To be changed per your own wishes.


Windows running CA Service Catalog(SC).


Please check the below test/example script on how to add a dashboard.

  1. Login to the SC-UI
  2. SC/Home, click dashboards
  3. In the Top-right corner, click the '<<' icon
  4. Click on 'Add Dashboard'
  5. Give the new dashboard a name
  6. Check 'Shared Dashboard' > 'Accessible by Role'='All Roles'
  7. Check 'Default Dashboard' when desired
  8. Click 'Add'
  9. SC/Home/Dashboards (the new one shows at the top-left)
  10. In the Top-right corner, click the '<<' icon
  11. Click on 'Show Library'
  12. Expand(+) CA Components – Template > Service Catalog
  13. Select(left-mouse-click) on 'Contact Us'
    • and drag&drop it onto the newly added dashboard
    • and close the library(red cross in the top right corner of the popup)
  14. Move the dashboard-window to it's correct place and
  15. Click 'Save Layout' in the dashboard menu at the top

 The newly added dashboard is now activated.