Date Format Problem in Identity Portal Forms
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Date Format Problem in Identity Portal Forms


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Portal CA Identity Suite


When creating a new user from the Identity Portal, and inserting Activation Date and Expiration Date, using "Date Picker".

If you specify date  format as DD/MM/YYYY, the date is presented as MM/DD/YYYY 

This is confusing for the end users of the portal, as they are used to dates with DD/MM/YYYY format.

if you save the user  the dates are saved with the correct format to the user store 

The same format problem is seen when you go to the modify form, in this case the Activation Date is read only


CA Identity Manager 14.2 vApp (Virtual Appliance)


Date picker uses locale so you need to ensure you are using the right settings under localisation tab in the Admin UI.

The locale setting needs to be set for the preferred locale example en_GB uses ddmmyyyy you can add this locale and set it as the default. To add the preferred Locale just select the + sign  then select Language from the drop down list then ADD.