DUAS: Alerts not applied to all launches
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DUAS: Alerts not applied to all launches


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Alerting rules doesn't apply as expected for one / several launches, the Alert Icon is not displayed for the specific launch.
Command line give incoherent status for a given launch depending on the command used (uxlst fla or uxlst ctl) when compared with Univiewer Console - Job Runs.

An Alert Rule is defined to monitor Uproc launches that are in "Excessively Long Event Wait Status" based on an "Absolute Duration of two minutes"

A Uproc has a File Resource Condition that is never satisfied, so we would have the Alert Sent for all the launches, but in some cases it doesn't.
Sometimes the alert is sent and the script does the job that is to update the launch status changing it from "Event Wait" to "Time Overrun".
In that case, the command uxlst ctl shows that the status is "Time Overrun" but for the same launch, the uxlst fla show the status as "Event Wait"


Dollar Universe 6 nodes using Alerting Rules


In case of an important number of alerts to be launched, in a concurrent map access there is a problem and some alerts are not triggered


Upgrade to Dollar Universe Application Server 6.9.41 or superior, available since October 2018.