When administering TPX using TPXADMIN "MENG0009 VSAM Record in use by another user" message is observed. How can this be resolved?
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When administering TPX using TPXADMIN "MENG0009 VSAM Record in use by another user" message is observed. How can this be resolved?


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


In an attempt to administer TPX using TPXADMIN the following error message is observed.
" MENG0009 VSAM Record in use by another user "

How can this be resolved?


TPX Administrator.


This error is usually the result of more than one person or a person and a batch job trying to update the same USER record using the TPX administrator function.

Use TPXOPER command : D APPL=TPXADMIN, to identify users that have the ADMINx database open. If more than one user is displayed there is no way to determine which one has the database /record open.

If its important to continue the administering process, you may attempt to quiesce the TPXADMIN application to see if this will correct the problem.

From TPXOPER, enter command:

Q TPXADMIN - wait for 1 minute- then activate again via TPXOPER command:


If the quiesce does not correct the problem,  run an IDCAMS VERIFY against the VSAM database (ADMIN2) to see if this will free the record.

If the IDCAMS VERIFY does not correct the problem, then the only option is to recycle TPX and REORG the VSAM (ADMINx) database.

We recommend reorganizing the VSAM databases since it has been observed that when the 'in use' bit in the VSAM file is corrupted, the error condition is displayed - thus a TPX recycle alone may not always correct the problem. (see *NOTE below)

Important: Steps to follow for a TPX VSAM database REORG:

  • Stop TPX

  • Inactivate the VTAM node with a VARY INACT FORCE

  • Take a backup of the VSAM (admin) database

  • REORG the VSAM database (delete/define/restore) from the data portion of the backup and let the index rebuild

  • ACTtivate the TPX VTAM node -

  • Confirm that the node is active., Start TPX

It is recommended that all TPX VSAM databases be reorganized periodically on some schedule, based on their level of add/delete/modify activity, to proactively mitigate possible VSAM database corruption


Unless the TPXADMIN activity for the 'record in use' is needed immediately, you may want to consider recycling TPX and reorganizing the VSAM databases during 'off peak' hours to minimize the impact to the user community.

Additional Information

Another likely cause that has been observed, is an outstanding WTOR for the userid in question. Check the master console for any outstanding event related to the userid.
Once cleared, the TPX VSAM data base is unlocked and administering can be resumed using TPXADMIN.