A2A Manager will be updated when the PAM server is upgraded?
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A2A Manager will be updated when the PAM server is upgraded?


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When the PAM server is upgraded like from r3.1.1 to r3.2, the A2A manager also be upgraded? 
On the download site, the zip file name of them are different. So, it looks they are the different modules.


WINDOWS A2A MANAGER (CLIENT) R3.1.1 - ESD ONLY GEN500000000000966.zip 
WINDOWS A2A MANAGER (CLIENT) R3.2 - ESD ONLY GEN500000000001342.zip 

The reason why I ask the question is that I would like to avoid the upgrade the A2A client because I create the batch file that is using the A2A client. I am worried that any problem will occur when the A2A client is upgraded in future. I would like to keep using the current A2A client as far as I can. 


CA Privileged Access Manager r3.x


The A2A manager is called the Credential Manager on the current release. When a patch is applied to the PAM server, the Credential Manager component also upgraded.

The modules in the site in the Question section are the A2A client, not Credential Manager(A2A Manager).
Regarding the A2A client, it is possible to use the lower version than the Credential Manager version. The Credential Manager side has the backward compatibility.

So, it is possible to use the batch file the customer created for a specific A2A client version as it is when the PAM server is upgraded.