AWA high availability behavior on AWI
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AWA high availability behavior on AWI


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


High Availability (active-active) is implemented on an Automic Workload Automation (AWA) environment, where the Automation Engine (AE) is installed on two servers.  

A test is conducted to observe the active-active functionality, which involves rebooting the Server1 while services are up and running on Server1 & Server2.

The Service Manager Dialog (SMD) shows that the Server1 services goes down and the Server2 services stays up.

Is it the expected behavior that the AWI session gets disconnected during the fail over?



Release: AUTWAB99000-12.1-Automic Workload Automation-Base Edition


Yes, this behavior is by design.  This is because most likely, the user is connected to the CP that is located in Server1.

To verify, go to the Administration tab > Connections:

<Please see attached file for image>

AWI Administration connections

The user will just need to do a quick re-login, which will connect them to the CP that's located on the secondary server.

Additional Information

There is no negative impact on the AE because the 2nd server it fails over to is already connected.  This can be verified by going to the Administration tab > Automation Engine Management.  Both Server1 and Server2 are listed.



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