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Confirmation pup up in English when Catalog is in Spanish


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CA Service Catalog


As part of the new features of 14.1 CUM5, a new confirmation message appears after a request has been submitted, replacing the old yellow label at the top of Service Catalog UI.
This new pop message is shown always in English even if Catalog UI is already change to Spanish, and sometimes the pop up doesn't shown text at all.

<Please see attached file for image>

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This is caused by a missing localization configuration on Catalog files.


Catalog 14.1 CUM5


While a language fix isn't available, the following steps can be followed to resolve the issue and show the pop up in Spanish accordingly:

1.- Stop Service Catalog services.
2.- Download the ZIP file attached to this article.
3.- Unzip the file and place the 3 files on the following folder: ..CA\Service Catalog\filestore\custom\locale\iceses\request
4.- Delete the content of: ..CA\Service Catalog\view\translets
5.- Start Service Catalog services.
6.- Clear browser cache and perform a test.

The pop up will now look like this:

<Please see attached file for image>

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UPDATE: Engineering team development a definitive solution for this issue, please open a support case and request the fix.


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