Custom attributes will not update via Gel Script
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Custom attributes will not update via Gel Script


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A process has been created that updates custom attributes (the attributes could even be on a custom object). The custom attributes are not updated until the page is refreshed.


This is working as designed.

Example: Idea converting to a Project

  • Custom attributes are to update in the Project via gel script in a process
  • The script does not start until the Idea is converted to a project.
  • When the Idea is converted, you are on the project page. This is when the process would be kicked off
  • The page will need a refresh in order for the custom attributes values that you are updating via the process to appear

Note: Same logic applies to system action updates in the process.

Additional Information

Also note that, if there is an issue with modified values getting displayed in the UI, then it could be because of the UPDATE statements that are used in Gel Scripts. It is recommended to make use of the application's APIs - XOG and REST, instead of using direct UPDATE statements in scripts. These statements can encounter table locks and other issues in the DB, whereby the data remains unmodified.