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war or ear file not deploying after editing


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Hi Team, I have

Following the steps mentioned in the doc (refer below) to regenerate the token for configuring it with Jasper Report but after deploying the & ig.jks in jboss eurekify.war/WEB-INF/classes

JBOSS will not deploy.

The same happens for Websphere in Identity manager when editing the war file to edit the ra.xml 


Component: SGRM


We were able to deploy an edited war file by following these steps: 

copy the eurekify.war to c:\tmp\exploded 

run this command: jar -xvf eurekify.war 

Now this is the tricky part, usually could navigate to anywhere on the file system such as 

C:\Program Files\CA\RCM\Server\eurekify-jboss\standalone\deployments 

and run: jar -cvf eurekify.war c:\tmp\exploded\* 

but NOT in this version of GM. 

In this version you MUST be in the directory of the exploded ear file: 
and you must run: jar -cvf eurekify.war . 

You cannot forgot the (--> . <--) period at the end of the command 

This will create the eurekify.war inside the c:\tmp\exploded\ directory with all of the files from the exploded directory. 

This same process can be followed for ear files.