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The Date filter exceeds the administrator set maximum Web Viewer


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Output Management Web Viewer


The first time a new use logs into WebViewer 12.1 and then goes to the Advanced Search tab, there is an initial error message that says: "Error: The Date filter exceeds the administrator set maximum for this repository. The maximum days ago value or date range span set in the repository is 90 days."  Filter settings being set as the administrator are not being used. When a new user comes in, Web Viewer tries to search 365 days instead of the value set by the administrator.


Release: CA Output Management-Web Viewer 12.1

Component:  WBVLUW


1) Go to Administration->Display preferences-> Global Initial Default Repository Filter Settings It says: These values refer to the Configuration Tab (Repository Filter) for New Users

2)  Uncheck both values

  • Automatically apply Filter Settings:                                  x Unchecked
  • Restore filter settings with these user settings after login x Unchecked

3) Click update

Date Filter Settings