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When I browse a IMS database with CA File Master IMS v11 I receive message DSP1143I RECON ACCESS FORCED BY DSPSCIXO


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File Master Plus for IMS File Master Plus for DB2 for z/OS


The client just installed CA File Master IMS r 11. When the client browses an IMS datasetset using CA File Master IMS R 11 ISPF panels the client receives message

3653 *=* call_stmt 
+++RC(-2323) +++ _ 




CA File Master IMS was not configured to activate COPE support.


This message DSP1143I describes the steps needed to be taken by the systems programmer to activate COPE database functionality in CA File Master for IMS. 
COPE databases must be accessed via a PSB. It appears that COPE support was not activated for CA File Master IMS. There’s a CAWKOPT parameter COM_COPE, described on the CAWKOPT Installation Options Macro topic in docops.
Here are the steps to perform:
  • Modify the CAWKOPTS source and specify COPE=Y on the CAWKOPT macro
  • Re-assemble and re-link CAWKOPTS into the FMIMS run time library. We deliver a JCL prototype: member CAWKOPTJ in the CDBIJCL library.
  • Update each IMS environment: provide the COPE-specific information as described in docops page Setting Environmental Parameters for Processing, sub-topic “COPE Parameters” in topic “Select/Repeat a BMP Environment Member”.
Following are links to the relevant pages in as well as excerpts addressing this matter.
CAWKOPT Installation Options Macro
You can optionally use the CAWKOPT macro to specify the default processing options for CA File Master Plus for IMS batch and online product components.
  • COM_ indicates options that are common to both batch and online processing.
  • BAT_ indicates batch processing option keywords.
  • ONL_ indicates online processing options.
Member CAWKOPTJ of cai.CDBIJCL contains JCL to compile and link the CAWKOPT macro.
Specifies whether COPE supports IMS.
Valid values: Y|N
Default: N
COPE Parameters
 Note: The panel displays this section only on COPE support enabled systems.
  • Logical System
    Specifies the name of the COPE logical system
  • Runtime Lib
    Specifies which COPE runtime library dataset the program product loads the COPETRA load module from.
    Values: DSN of relevant library
    Specifies which COPESTEP library dataset the product loads the COPEXREF1 and COPEXREF2 load modules from.
    Values: DSN of relevant library