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Unable to save New Workflow Process Job ( Workpoint Designer)


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Unable to save New Workflow Process Job in Workpoint Designer
Step to reproduce:
1- Access any OOTB vApp 14.1 or 14.2
2- Launch Workpoint Designer
3- Open any processs i.e. "SingleStepApproval"
4. Now try to save this process using "Save As" option. Give new name "SK_SingleStepApproval" and Reference ID "IM_SK_1".
5. Click "save" button.
6. Workpoint Designer throws an error "A duplicate key violation "


Component: IDSVA


Workaround for this issue:

1. Export all existing workflow processes using workpoint designer ( This will give a zip file having all exported process )
2. Delete all rows from WP_SCRIPT_LINE table
3. Import step 1 exported zip.