How to Edit Jmeter Properties on OPMS
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How to Edit Jmeter Properties on OPMS


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


On Premise Monitoring Station (OPMS) version 10.x includes two local version of Jmeter: 2.13 and 3.3. Is it possible to edit the default properties used by these instances?



OPMS Versions 10.x


To edit any properties files for OPMS Jmeter instances, you can modify the corresponding property files stored on the OPMS filesystem in the following locations:

Jmeter 2.13:
Jmeter 3.3:

Please note that any updates to is recommended to be made in instead. JMeter loads first and then overrides it with whatever is in No restarts should be needed for the changes to be applied, though some settings will be overridden by configurations with in the ASM UI. 

Additional Information

For more information on editing Jmeter properties, please see