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Agile Central - Queries: Use Lookback API to filter on PlanEstimate values


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How can we use Lookback API to find all the past instances of a certain artifact that meet a certain criteria (for example: PlanEstimate is greater than zero)?


Component: ACSAAS


This is a Lookback API query example of getting all past snapshots instances of a specific artifact where PlanEstimate is greater than zero. Similarly, you can change the criteria or the artifact to create even more complex queries:

Notice this query is asking for: FormattedID = "US1" and "PlanEstimate > 0". It will receive only the past snapshot instances that meet this criteria:<<Workspace Object ID>>/artifact/snapshot/query.js?find={$and: [{"FormattedID":"US1"},{"PlanEstimate": {$gt: 0}}]}&fields=["PlanEstimate","_SnapshotDate","_SnapshotNumber"]&compress=true

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