VMBACKUP getting system abend CFL056
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VMBACKUP getting system abend CFL056


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VM:Backup for z/VM


Noticed VMBACKUP was not responding to any command.
I shut it down and restarted it to find backups were not completed from the weekend.
Tried restarting a backup and it ran for awhile, but then VMBACKUP crashed with a CFL056 error and took a dump.


Release: all
Component: VMB


Increase the size of VMBACKUP's catalog disk/1B0 minidisk.

A CFL056 abend indicates you've run out of catalog disk space and will need to increase the size of VMBACKUP's 1B0 disk. And, you will need to do so before any backup will run. 
The backup that failed is likely on hold and will restart from checkpoint when released. 
I mention that because there are temp files, $-type files associated with the failed job, which are now on the catdisk, leftover from the job. If you were to bring VMBACKUP up COLD right now, it would free up space, but remove those files. So, not to loose this job's work, increase the size of the disk and then release the job

Additional Information

While creating a catalog during a backup job, VM:Backup found that the catalog minidisk is full.  For information about increasing the catalog minidisk and using the CONDENSE and DISCARD commands, see the System Programmer Reference and Administrators guide.