RDP sessions from within PAM are very slow.
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RDP sessions from within PAM are very slow.


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Sometimes we may detect an unexpected perfromance problem in the RDP sessions which may even cause the window session show the contents refresh from top to bottom.
No apparent network or environmental issues are detected.
The RDP sessions to the same devices from another PAM server and from outside PAM are working at the expected performance.

Why the RDP sessions in my PAM installation are so slow?


Product: CA PAM -  Privileged Access Manager
Version: All supported versions of CA PAM


  • The most likely cause for this problem to occur is having the trace level for the RDP Applet set to DEBUG.
  • This was overloading the PAM client log files activity punishing the overall PAM Server performance.
  • To reset it to the default value, open the PAM GUI and go to "Configuration / Diagnostics / Log Levels / Applet Log Level" and set it to Error.

Additional Information

If this was not the problem cause, please open a support case to deeply review the problem.