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Explore Map display unallocated space is it really unallocated?


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Explore Performance Management for z/VSE


When using the Explore MAP panel; to display GETVIS allocation there is a label that shows UNALLOCATED. Is this UNALLOCATED label referring to total unallocated space or just for this partition?


Release: XPRE..00100-7.1-Explore-Performance Management


The UNALLOCATED label can refer to any UNALLOCAED space within any partition that any address begins and ends at.
For example:
S in the first column  is a shared storage area so this would be in the GETVIS area for all space allocations. The line below shows a SHARED GETVIS area that is unallocated of 832K

Space  Virtual--------                Total          Pfix                  Area       
  Id       Begin         End          V-Size  Limit--Used      Description
_S 006300000 006FFFFF     832K     0K      0K        UNALLOCATED
You can update the PSIZE or GETVIS values in the IPL to utilize this space. 
To access the MAP display:
Partition Status                           
 _ Partition Activity   _ Graphic Overview
 _ Storage Allocations  _ Job Accounting   ---->  shows the MAP