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The Release Automation Tab in AWI of Continuous Delivery Automation (CA Automic Release Automation) is no longer available for all CDA/ARA Clients if one database connection is not available


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


It is possible to define multiple Clients - each with a separate database - for CDA (Continuous Delivery Automation) or ARA (Automic Release Automation) in the customer.config.
However, if one database for one CDA or ARA Client is not available due to maintenance work (e.g.: one database instance was taken offline due to maintenance work) the other client with the working database connection is also affected and does no longer see the Release Automation Tab in the CA Automic Web Interface (AWI). 






The Product Management confirmed that the current behavior "works as designed".
All database connections for all configured clients must be functional.

There is already an internal story to improve this behavior in a future version.

Nevertheless please open an enhancement request via "New Idea"  or vote for an existing post at (

With this it is ensured that the customer's view can be incorporated correctly into the future improvement.
This helps the product management in the conception and improvement of an Enhancement Request.