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GRLoader ERROR grGenericRdr 366 grGenericRdr6910 null


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Unable to update a CI with info from two MDR
With the following MDRs in a CA SDM 14.1.03 tenant:
- A-Test with class SCCM.
- B-Test with class AX.

Create the CI using GRLoader with a xlsx file with info from MDR A-Test.
When trying to update the info of other attributes from MDR B-Test with another xlsx file the following error in GRLoader.log appear:

08/08 18:17:45.280 INFO GRLoader 496 GRLoader Started - load from spreadsheet(test.xlsx(null) cells((1,*)-(*,*)) - to CMDB - CI Updates allowed / inserts allowed

 INFO GRLoader 512 ===============================================================================
 INFO grDataMgr 208 Multi-tenancy is enabled and set to on
 INFO grDataMgr 226 grDataMgr2000 Default tenant is set to MAINT
 ERROR grGenericRdr 366 grGenericRdr6910 null



CA SDM 14.1.03


This a known issue taget as a bug in this version.
Please open a case to request test fix related to defect "usrd3646   FEDERATED_ASSET_ID NOT UPDATED VIA GRLOADER UTILITY"


test fix T51R218.CAZ