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Remove admin roles using Bulk Loader


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We would like to know how to remove the admin roles using bulk loader of users.
Example: Several users have 4 admin roles and we need to remove only 1 admin role, keeping other 3 admin roles.

Can this be accomplished with the Bulk Loader?


Component: IDMGR


The Bulk Loader requests only support modification of attributes on the IM admin task's Profile tab, meaning you can't add or remove Provisioning Roles (or groups) in bulk directly using the Bulk Loader.
What you could do is use the Bulk Loader to modify a user attribute that then triggers a PX or Identity policy in IM to add or remove the admin role (or group) based on that attribute modification.

Bulk Loader cannot remove an existing Admin role or Group, to achieve the results of removing an admin role or group the bulk load will have to modify an attribute that triggers a Task within IDM which calls a TASK to remove the Admin role from the users.