CABI organization atributes deleted during user synchronization
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CABI organization atributes deleted during user synchronization


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customer has over 150 custom reports created in Jasper Studio that takes data from both UIM and other DB's 
These reports are account aware using account_name attribute that was built into Unified Reporter 

Now he has moved over to CABI, and ported the reports into jasper studio. The reports work perfectly until the user sync runs 

When user sync is run the custom attribute is removed and this causes the reports to fail. 

Customer has workarround where he only runs user sync once a day and then recreates the custom attribute 


- Windows 2012 R2 environment 
- UIM 8.51 
- Robot 7.80 
- data_engine using a sql user 
- Datbase: SQL Server 2014 
- cabi probe v3.20 
- ump_cabi v3.20 (deployed to UMP robot) 
- uim_core_dashboards v2.40 
- uim_cabi_health_report_pack v1.20 
- uim_unified_reporter_pack v1.02 


This is resolved in UIM 9.02 with UMP 9.02-HF2

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