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Sysload: Agents stops when no Management Server is defined


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CA Automic Sysload


Agents stops when no Management Server is defined. 

Error messages in the Collector’s log file :
MM DD HH:MM:SS YYYY: coll - AutoDeclare - Stop was asked because of: 'Warning, no management server defined in ini file --> automatic declaration feature deactivated.'
MM DD HH:MM:SS YYYY: coll - AutoDeclare - Thread has stopped.




Sysload Agents


The Management Server parameter is not properly sets in the Collector's configuration file.


You could set the Management Server parameter in the configuration file or with the Console.


1 – Edit the Collector's configuration file
2 – Define the value for the Management Server as below
#Management Server that handles the Monitored Obect(s), i.e. where the Monitored Object(s) are registered. Each time the Agent Collector is started, it will initiate a query to its Management Server to register the Monitored Object. If the MO is not in the Management Server database, it will be registered. If it exist, it will be refreshed.
#A Monitered Object is registered or refreshed according to the keyword "[COMM] AgentDeclareHost
#Syntax: example ",port:9901"
#Optional/Mandatory    : Optional
# Automation is not activated. The Agent Collector default the value to “0”
#This section can accept any keyword, one keyword per Management Server in which MOs can be registered
#Important : This parameter is taken into account only if "" is also set to "1"
#Appeared in version 5.80
3 – Save the modification
4 – Restart the Collector


1 – Select the Monitored Object
2 – Right click on the MO and choose Modify parameters > Define Collector Parameters …
3 – In the first tab "Collector Analysis Parameters”, select the “Management Server” section:

<Please see attached file for image>

Console - Management Server settings

4 – Set the parameter for the Management Server in the value field (host:HOSTNAME,port:9901)
5 – Click on Apply to save your changes.
6 –  Restart the Collector

Additional Information

For further information please, refer the documentation.


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