APM 10.7 Command Center (ACC) Limitations
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APM 10.7 Command Center (ACC) Limitations


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


What are the APM Command Center (ACC) limitations?


APM 10.7


Be able to create and apply an agent package based on specific Agent build (DE374376/F74382)

 User Case:  After importing 10.7SP1 into ACC repository you noticed that ACC Agent list includes only "10.7" as below

The UI doesn’t give you the option to select between : and

By design, ACC UI lists only the minor or GA releases


Workaround : In the above example after you select 10.7, you will need to go to the “Select Bundles” option and replace each of the bundles manually with the ones from the appropiate agent build.



Be able to push any kind of agent packages dynamically to the Appserver without any manual intervention (DE374378/F74382)

 You cannot apply an Agent package that has been created based on an hotfix build, you will get the message:  “Agent is not using the latest package version. The latest package has to be applied manually”


Workaround : Manually download and configure the appserver with the new Agent package


Be able to push any kind of agent packages dynamically to the Appserver without any manual intervention

By design, ACC doesn’t restart the JVM, you need to manually restart the JVM


Be able to manage several profiles in the same package (DE381329) 

User Case :

Your production environment has with multiple appsevers instances hosting different applications and you need to have different profiles, toggles and custom PBDs for each of them.

You need ACC to give you the capability to manage several Agent profiles and configuration files.


Other ACC Limitations


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