Change external DB in vApp
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Change external DB in vApp


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


We had to change our SQL databases used by the Identity Suite vApp to another SQL server.
We now need to update the vApp so all relevant deployments (Identity Manager / Identity Governance / Identity Portal) reference and utilize the new DB


Identity Suite 14.x


As of Identity Suite 14.2 vApp CP2 as well as Identity Suite 14.3 CP2, changes to the external DB details do not require a redeployment - as per the official documentation

for 14.3 CP2

for 14.4


For older releases, the following procedure is valid.
As a prerequisite, all the data should be manually migrated from the old DB to the new DB for all deployed applications.
Once done:

1. Login to the vApp Dashboard
2. Choose Setup from the top left Menu
3. Edit DB details and reference the new DB server
4. Redeploy with the updated details

Additional Information

Important note:
DB details should be updated / re-entered for all applications, even if the change is only applicable for one specific application and not the others.
When choosing "Skip" for any other application DB details (as no update is required for current connection information), then vApp will ignore monitoring those "Skipped" applications.
It has been designed in such a way that one needs to mention details of all DBs for all services which are deployed, regardless of whether they require a change in the DB details.
Skipping any section will make vApp assume that the DB has been removed and will will no longer be monitoring the DB, even though applications are deployed.