Deploying cdm probe onto a debian robot fails
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Deploying cdm probe onto a debian robot fails


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


we have an issue with deploying the cdm probe onto a debian system. We are using cdm probe version 6.30, which supports debian 8 and 9 as described in the release notes.

We try to deploy the cdm probe in IM and get a green transaction result with the message "finished".

However, the probe is not deployed to the robot and the controller.log contains messages like this:

Aug 20 13:45:12:512 [140524009854720] Controller: Could not figure out what Linux version you are running!
Aug 20 13:45:12:512 [140524009854720] Controller: Please report the following system information to [email protected]
Aug 20 13:45:12:512 [140524009854720] Controller: System information:
Aug 20 13:45:12:512 [140524009854720] Controller:   sysname:  Linux
Aug 20 13:45:12:512 [140524009854720] Controller:   node   :  sf
Aug 20 13:45:12:512 [140524009854720] Controller:   release:  4.9.0-7-amd64
Aug 20 13:45:12:512 [140524009854720] Controller:   version:  #1 SMP Debian 4.9.110-3+deb9u2 (2018-08-13)
Aug 20 13:45:12:512 [140524009854720] Controller:   machine:  x86_64


UIM 8.51
CDM 6.30
Debian 9.2


Debian 9 is not yet supported by the robot or any probes
The cdm release notes and the compatibility matrix have been updated to reflect this.


The below work around will allow cdm to be installed however this is not a supported configuration, If you encounter any issues they would need to be recreated on debian 8
  • In IM go to the archive
  • Find the latest version of CDM
  • right click and select copy
  • name it cdm_debian9
  • edit the cdm_debian9
  • find the section called LINUX_23_64
  • in the drop down field change the name to linux (must be lower case)
  • save and then deploy this customized package. 

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<Please see attached file for image>



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