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DE369155 - No IP address is displayed for some VMWare guest systems


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Some virtual machines discovered with the vmware probe show no IP address in CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM or CM_DEVICE tables. 

After adding the VCenter to the vmware probe some VMs don't get the IP Adress in UIM. This seems to be a problem with Appliance VMs where the Appliance is delivered with a pre-installed proprietary VM-Tools.


VCenter 5.5
IM 8.51
vmware probe 6.87


If NIC information is not set in the VMWare guest info the vmware probe might ignore the IP address information.


This should be fixed in the upcoming version of the vmware probe, meaning any new GA version after 21/Aug/2018.

A fix can be provided upon request by contacting CA Support and requesting the hotfix for defect DE369155.

Once the fix is installed the following key should be created under the setup section of vmware.cfg file or via probe Raw Configure:

use_guest_ip_for_vms_if_guest_nic_info_not_set = true