Dead link parameter of master.css
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Dead link parameter of master.css


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If security scanner is done on Portal server, the following warning is shown.  (API Portal 3.5)

the following warning occurred.
"Dead link contents are being referenced"

/*{{{ Fallbacks for basic portal style overrides */
#logo a {
background-image: url('../../../resources/branding/defaultlogo_133x53.png');
/* logo */
#logo a {
margin: 0 1em 0 0;
background: url("../../../resources/branding/defaultlogo_133x53.png") 50% 50% no-repeat;

The above is the default description of master.css.
However, defaultlogo_133x53.png does not exist.

Is it OK to delete the above part from master.css so that security scanner will not issue a warning?


API Portal 3.x


Normally, editting master.css is not recommended.

Under normal operations of the portal, that css rule exists only as a fallback and should not be called by the users' browser.

In order to delete warnings from the security scanner, you can upload the logo to that location (resources / branding / defaultlogo_133x53.png)