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DX IM - UIM - NAS probe - alarm_enrichment rule example


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This KB describes an example how to configure alarm enrichment rule to add user_tag value for new alarms.

A table (referred as cmdb) must be ready. In this example, table name is Customer_Info.
The table has 2 columns (robot, customer_id)



UIM any version


(*) This is an example of cmdb in SQL Server.

*** Take backup of nas.cfg prior to go steps. ***

1. Open nas probe in Raw Configure.
2. Go to <enrichment-source>/<cmdbs>, add new section "Add_User_Tag"

3. Configure the following key and value.

    active = true
    connection_url = jdbc:sqlserver://<ip address or hostname of sqlserver>:1433;DatabaseName=<Database Name of cmdb table>
    user = <database user>
    password = <database user password in plain text>
    query = select robot,customer_id from Customer_Info where robot=?
    population_query =

(*) password string is automatically encrypted when nas probe is restarted.

4. Go to <enrichment-rules>/<1>, configure the following key and value.

    match_alarm_field = prid
    match_alarm_regexp = (cdm|processes|logmon)
    use_enricher = Add_User_Tag
    lookup_by_alarm_field = robot
    lookup_by_regexp = 

5. Go to <enrichment-rules>/<1>/<overwrite-rules>, configure the following key and value.

    user_tag_1 = [cmdb.customer_id]

This rule does

- Check probe field of new alarm.
- When probe matches, searches robot entry in Customer_Info table, override user_tag_1 value with associated "customer_id" value for the robot.

Additional Information

Please take a look at alarm_enrichment document.


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