[AWA] How to move all AEv10 objects to new AWAv12 system
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[AWA] How to move all AEv10 objects to new AWAv12 system


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Customer's currently running the AEv10 system and he has new Database server and new Automation Engine server. He wants to install new AWAv12.2 on new server with new DB and it have all old AEv10 objects.


Component: AAUTEN


Please try these steps to perform your objects migration from AEv10 to new AWAv12.2 system:

1. Create new AEv12.2 DB on your new SQL server 

2. Install JDBC and DSN to connect to it 

3. Install AEv12.2 Utility 

4. Load initial data of AE v12.2 to it. 

5. Install AE on the server and point connection string to your AEv12.2 DB. Load license to new system. 

6. Install Service Manager on your AE server 

7. Install Service Manager dialog on your AE server 

8. Start your AEv12.2 CPs, WPs from Service Manager Dialog to make sure your new install AEv12.2 core services and processes work normally. 

9. Install Web Interface and log on new system. If everything is ok, then turn off all your new AEv12.2 CPs, WPs 

10. Use DB Unload on your AEv10, and chose Unload all Objects option to export a transport case txt file with all Objects of your AEv10 (include jobs, jobp, users, agents, schedule, calendar...). 

11. Use DB Load Utility v12.2 to load the export file to your new AEv12.2 DB. 

12. Start your new system and you can find all Objects from your AEv10 in your new system. 

13. You can install new agent v12.2 with the same name of the old agent v10 to keep your old Jobs work with the same agent name and agent parameters.