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Can SHA-2 (SHA-256) be used for SDM xFlow?


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Can SHA-2 (SHA-256) be used for SDM xFlow?

With regards to the SDM 17.1 release note "Enable SSL Authentication for CA Service Management Solution" 

What are the answers to these questions?

Question 1: Enable Secure Socket Layer for xFlow Interface\Create a Self-Signed Certificate 
In Step 2, is the keytool command generating MD5 certificates? 

Question 2: Enabling HTTPS on JasperServer for Insights MicroService 
In Step 2, a SHA-1 certificate is generated, can this be changed to at SHA-2 (SHA-256) or above? 


Release: SDMU0M99000-17.0-Service Desk Manager-Full License


Answer 1. Yes, MD5 can be generated.

Answer 2. We believe that SHA-2 should work. However CA Technologies does not certify this on this release. Site testing and ownership would be required.